Farmland Match

Connecting Area Farmers with Farmland

Westchester Land Trust’s Farmland Match program connects farmers who need land with property owners who have land to lease.  WLT maintains an extensive database of landowners and farmers and uses this information to cultivate relationships between these two groups.  The goal of this program is to ensure that land with agricultural value stays in production, is considered for permanent protection, and that young farmers who might not have the resources to purchase land in Westchester have the opportunity to farm here.

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LANDOWNERS who participate in WLT’s Farmland Match often enjoy: 

  • reduced taxes with an agricultural assessment or conservation easement
  • free or low cost upkeep of your land
  • improved soil quality
  • a  share of the produce from your own backyard
  • sound stewardship of your  land, and the satisfaction of putting it to good use

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FARMERS who participate in WLT’s Farmland Match often enjoy:

  • the opportunity to farm affordable land
  • the chance to establish oneself in a supportive farming community
  • the experience of running a farm before purchasing one
  • contributing to the positive attitude about the benefits of locally grown food
  • lower capital investments and operating expenses

Westchester Land Trust encourages supportive relationships amongst Farmland Match participants.  Participants are solely responsible for the content of their application materials and for any activities resulting from WLT’s match-making efforts.

WLT recommends the use of a formal agreement, be it a simple letter or a more complex lease, to protect the interests of all parties.  For more information please contact Kate Sann, WLT’s Preservation Associate. (914) 234-6992   x15